Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PBiS Classroom Celebrations

Here are examples of a couple of Celebrations my class had for PBiS.
                                              Bubblegum and i-Pads

                        Dress-Up Day: Your Choice. Fancy or Costume.

Apple Crisp

In honor of Johnny Appleseed, our class made apple crisp to celebrate his birthday!  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Brown Bag Biographies

Brown Bag Biographies
My students shared their Brown Bag Biographies last week. We learned more about our friends, and what is special and important to them. Here is a great example of what is special to one student. He loves the ocean in Maine!  

Mystery object

Mystery Object:  September 18, 2015
What is this?  Where did it come from?  Does it have eyes?  Are the tall, red things really antennae?
These were the questions students had to answer at the Science Center last week.  Students had many lively discussions as to what this object actually was.  The only clue was that I found it on my kitchen shelf one day.  That sparked high interest.  Only a couple of students thought it "might" be a potato, but they weren't quite certain.  By Thursday of last week, I did reveal what it was.  My students are hoping for another Mystery Object in the near future!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shelburne Farms Pond Study

On May 21st, our Learning Community went on a field study to Shelburne Farms.  We visited the Pond and Forest Habitats.  Following are photos of fun we had!

Here is one of the frogs we studied.  Do you know how to tell a female from a male? If the round circles (the eardrums) behind the eyes are the same size as the eyes, then it is a female.  Male frogs have circles that are much larger than the eyes.

Laying down on the dock (for safety) to scoop up pond scum in order to capture interesting creatures!

"Hey Mason, What did you get?" says Carter

Damselfly larva and one with wings.

Salamander hunting was one of our favorite activities that day!  They lay their eggs at the pond (about 1 mile away) then crawl all the way back up to live in the forest!

An Orange Eft....A Rare Find!

WOW! We found triplets!

I couldn't resist posting this serene picture of the Shelburne Farms learning barn, taken from the hill.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Orange for MS

This week we made orange mustaches to wear to the school-wide assembly, in support of the MS fundraiser.  My students wore their mustaches proudly.  We did this to support Mr. Therrien dying his beard and mustache orange because students reached the first goal of $712.  You cannot see them, but there are a lot of giggles and smiles behind those mustaches!

Monday, March 23, 2015


Have you ever heard of a Spoinky? 
 After learning the definition of the vocabulary word "fad", one of my students decided to create a character, and then observe his peers to see if it would turn into a fad amongst the first graders.  He used some balloon shaped cut-outs and created an adorable character which he named a "Spoinky".  A fellow classmate became his PR girl and promoted his product.  During a recent inside recess my class became the production site for Spoinky's.  Below is a sample of the variety of Spoinky's created. I believe I have a budding entrepreneur!  This could be that million dollar idea!